Monday, August 30, 2010


I survived the first week of school. The pressure is definitely on. I received an email from the school that my class should start applying for our nursing license at this time. I'm just trying to get through the semester and now I have to start applying for my license. 30 days before graduation, I have register to take the Nclex. I also need to start thinking about a resume and where I want to apply for jobs. I'm always a nervous wreck at job interviews. I will get some practice when I interview for my bridge elective. I really hope I get to work in the newborn nursery. I love babies.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Here are some pictures of us from this summer. I'm so bummed summer break is over. This is my last summer as a full time student so I will more than likely be working every summer from now on. I'm going to start a vacation fund when I start working so I can do fun stuff with the boys with my time off.


Monday, August 16, 2010

My last semester of nursing school

I start my 4th semester of nursing school with practice labs tomorrow and Wednesday. I'm really looking forward to graduating in December but I'm sad to see the summer end.

I had a great summer with the boys. I had a great trip to Vegas with Stacey and Elicia. I can't wait until our next trip together. I'm really hoping it will be in NYC next year. I've been bitten by the traveling bug. I have so many trips that I want to take.

The trip to South Carolina was also awesome. Terry's family is great and I wish we lived closer together. Aidan is now in love with airplanes. He really handled flying really well. I look forward to seeing them again soon.

Today was Andrew's first day of middle school. There's no way I'm old enough to be the mother of a 6th grader. When did this happen? He's such a good student. He almost had straight A's last year. Right now, he's saying he wants to be a doctor. More than anything, I want him to be happy.

Here is a picture of Terry, Aidan, and I at his father's house in South Carolina.


Friday, May 14, 2010

I'm officially a 4th semester nursing student!!

I finished my 3rd semester of nursing school with an A in OB and Bs in Pediatrics and Management. I'm now officially considered a 4th semester student. I'm already registered for classes in the fall.

I also got accepted into a bridge co
urse in the fall. For 1 credit hour, I have to do 45 hours of clinical time. We get to choose our top 3 choices. Mine are newborn nursery, L&D, and NICU.

I'm looking forward to my summer break
. Here is a picture of my OB clinical group.


Sunday, April 25, 2010

The passing of time

I can't believe that I'm only a week away from finishing my 3rd semester of nursing school. I remember thinking how far away my Bachelor's degree seemed from reality.I'm glad I didn't keep that from stopping me. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now. There's so many things I want from life and I know having my nursing degree is the first step to achieving all those things.

The boys are also growing up so fas
t. I am looking forward to spending my last summer as a full time student just hanging with them and doing some traveling.