Monday, August 30, 2010


I survived the first week of school. The pressure is definitely on. I received an email from the school that my class should start applying for our nursing license at this time. I'm just trying to get through the semester and now I have to start applying for my license. 30 days before graduation, I have register to take the Nclex. I also need to start thinking about a resume and where I want to apply for jobs. I'm always a nervous wreck at job interviews. I will get some practice when I interview for my bridge elective. I really hope I get to work in the newborn nursery. I love babies.



  1. You are going to do great this semester! It may be hard/stressful, but you'll be so happy when it is over.

  2. Like Stacey said, you are going to do great!

    Did you do a practice NYCLEX? We did that towards the end and it takes some of the nervousness away.

    Register! Don't put it off. You're going to do awesome.